Movisie is the Netherlands centre for social development. Our mission is to promote the participation and independence of citizens. We do this by supporting and advising professional organizations, volunteer organizations and government institutions in the field of welfare, care and social development.



4 March 2014
Contrary to European views, in the Netherlands social innovation is interpreted primarily as innovation in the workplace, or smarter working. Europe uses a broader definition.
27 February 2014
Dutch King Alexander succeeded in familiarising everyone in the Netherlands with the term ‘participation society’ – it even became the most popular new word of 2013. Nice, but what does it mean? Will women be left to...
20 February 2014
The gender gap in family care-giving is an established research finding: men dedicate less time to care-giving and provide specific gendered types of help. The article 'Elasticity of Care Networks and the Gendered Division of Care...
21 January 2014
Mark Rutte in a rainbow tie, the king in a rainbow suit and Máxima in pink. Now that would be a statement, writes Hanneke Felten (Movisie). In Russia, images of young boys being beaten up, raped and forced to drink urine are being...