Movisie is the Netherlands centre for social development. Our mission is to promote the participation and independence of citizens. We do this by supporting and advising professional organizations, volunteer organizations and government institutions in the field of welfare, care and social development.



28 July 2014
Many social issues are not unique for the Netherlands but also concern other countries – at either European or global level. Some problems – for instance the consequences of ageing and other demographic changes – can...
26 June 2014
Putting your knowledge, expertise and experience to good use as long as possible. That is the right road towards healthy and active ageing. Society also benefits when seniors continue to invest their talents. Many social service...
12 June 2014
Family carers and voluntary caregivers in the Netherlands make an important and indispensable contribution to long-term care. It is almost impossible to set a monetary value on the care that they provide. They contribute time, quality and...
4 March 2014
Contrary to European views, in the Netherlands social innovation is interpreted primarily as innovation in the workplace, or smarter working. Europe uses a broader definition.