About us

Movisie is the Netherlands centre for social development. Our mission is to promote the participation and independence of citizens by supporting and advising professional organizations, volunteer organizations and government institutions.

Five themes are central to our work: effectiveness; professionalisation; participation; combating and preventing domestic and sexual violence; social care. Subscribe to our newsletter.


Movisie aims to contribute to a society in which people are empowered to the maximum of their capability. Movisie is involved, demand-driven and results-oriented. We gear our services to the needs in our field of work. And we want our results to be measurable wherever possible, to make our contributions to society transparent. In our work we pay attention to the diversity of people to prevent exclusion of specific groups.

Who we work for

Movisie is a not-for profit organization. One of our major funders is the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. We work with a wide range of (care) institutions, foundations, provinces, other ministries and corporate businesses. Movisie also works together with local partners. Professionals are invited to make direct use of the knowledge and expertise of Movisie. We offer tailor-made advice and support in response to your specific queries and needs.  Check our portfolio for examples of projects.

Areas of interest

Movisie has a wide area of expertise, ranging from active citizenship to client participation, and from combating domestic and sexual violence to effective interventions in the social sector. Here you can find an overview of the (15) key issues on which we focus. For each of these key issues a  contact person is available for more detailed information.

International cooperation

Many issues in the field of social development are not restricted to the Netherlands but are part of larger European, international and global trends. Movisie collects knowledge from abroad, to gain international inspiration for our work and to place developments in the Netherlands in a broader international context. This improves the quality of our work and strengthens our opportunity to support the work of other organizations nationally and internationally.

International networks

Movisie is a member of several international networks in the field of social development

Movisie as partner

Movisie programmes share their strengths and capacities in international work. We build on the experiences of the Movisie partners with international projects. Movisie is a learning organization willing to work with partners in other countries and to share experiences in international cooperation.
If you are interested in international cooperation or are looking for a partner in social development issues, please contact Movisie international.

You can also download our corporate brochure.