26th European Social Services Conference

28 May 2018 - 30 May 2018
Seville, Spain

Last year’s conference showcased a growing appetite to introduce new innovations and welfare technology in service planning and delivery. It showed how the empowerment of service users and innovative approaches such as co-production are transforming the way services are provided across Europe. It also demonstrated how public services across Europe are active in incorporating and developing new technology to respond to increasing needs. As we look forward, it is important to use these new initiatives to invest wisely in building a sustainable welfare ecosystem that empowers people and their communities in the longer term.
With this in mind, the 26th ESSC will explore the following questions:
• How can we use public budgets, tools and human capital more efficiently?
• How do we best invest in the empowerment of service users in the longer term?
• How do we best develop a professionally trained, agile and supported workforce equipped for future social needs?
• And how do we work better in partnerships and across sectors to design services that promote economic and social investment?


The workshops that have been confirmed are published on the conferencewebsite.



Organization: European Social Network (ESN)

More information: conference website

Contact: email