GEA - Gender and Education Conference 2017

21 June 2017 - 23 June 2017
London, United Kingdom

The GEA Conference has long provided an important home for established and aspiring feminist researchers to foreground and share deep commitments and passions to addressing gender inequity across all educational contexts and spheres. The Association and the Gender & Education Journal share an overt and proud commitment to feminist modes of publishing, theorising, praxis and activism. The Association, journal and annual conferences collectively provide a key global platform for a wide network of international scholars to (continue) to inform theoretically, methodologically and empirically cutting edge debates about gender, education and culture.

The 11th GEA conference intends to build upon this tradition to create space and opportunities for a range of feminist scholars, working at disciplinary interstices, to share innovative interventions that push at generating understandings about impact – upon research, practice, pedagogy, policy and activism. Crucially, the conference also intends to inspire and support emerging gender scholars and to act as an international collaborative resource for those fighting gendered inequality in multiple ways in local contexts.

The theme of the conference is: Generative Feminism(s): working across/within/through borders and is inspired by the work of Gloria Anzaldua (1987, Borderlands/La Frontera); Sylvia Wynter (2015, On Being Human as Praxis) and Iris van der Tuin (2015, Generational Feminism: New Materialist Introduction to A Generative Approach). Through their work, these feminist scholars pull together the interconnectedness of creative and theoretical resistances and affordances to contemplate borders (temporal, spatial, material and disciplinary) and so grapple with fissures that persist and enfold between practice, policy, theory and activism.



Organization:Middlesex University, London

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