Modern Migration: Breaking Mental Borders

14 October 2017 - 15 October 2017
Weingarten, Germany

Most of the attention surrounding migration has been put on the needs of migrant people and the reasons for their move. The aim of this conference is to look at how migration affects not only those who feel the need to leave their homes, but also those who are sharing their space with new people. Most will agree that it is wrong to deny help to people in need, but what sort of effect does the influx of large numbers of strangers have on a community, or a country?

At this conference the questions addressed are:

  • What are the psychological effects, cycles and reactions to migration and how can policy makers approach these challenges so that inhabitants feel less threatened?
  • If integration is the key to reducing stress in a community, how can policy makers, teachers, and social workers support migrant people in this process?

Deadline Call for papers: 31 July 2017


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