Social Work as a Space for Dialogue, Cooperation and Diversity

28 August 2017 - 30 August 2017
Olsztyn, Poland
The TiSSA Plenum Conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers and professionals from all over Europe who conduct research in the overall field of social services and related social problems to present their results reflecting practical experiences, empirical research, theoretical concerns and/or examples of resistance, conflict and alternates.

For the last decade, Western societies are confronted with challenges of globalization, neoliberalism, exclusion and migration. They challenge social work as they put pressure on historically leading principlies of equality, solidarity and human rights.These challenges affect society as a whole and question taken-for-granted principles and values. In doing so, they challenge social work, social work practitioners and researchers to create a space where dialogue, cooperation and diversity can take place. It is in this space that contemporary concerns that arise as a result of this globalized and neoliberal context can be critically discussed and brought into the (public) debate from a social work perspective. However, too often, this space is instrumentalized and perceived as a solution for these same concerns, while such a view is in danger of closing the space for dialogue, cooperation and diversity, rather opening it. Therefore, TiSSA 2017 invites experts from academic social work research, professionals fields and policy to discuss their perspective and experiences on the role of social work as a space for dialogue, cooperation and diversity from a historical, theoretical and/or empirical view of point.


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