Effective interventions

What works in dealing with social issues? Which effective elements do we know? What exactly does it mean to work methodically? And how can you find out for yourself if the selected approach has delivered the results you wanted? Effective interventions aim to find out what works in the social sector, to inform about relevant methods for research and to present the results.

Movisie established a database for social interventions at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. We endeavour to produce accessible and well-founded tools that allow social professionals to work with interventions that have proved their value. In the Netherlands, social work encompasses social cohesion, community development, participation and activation, informal care, domestic and sexual violence, volunteering, diversity and integration. On all of these issues we have a unique collection of interventions (in Dutch) which cannot be found abroad. The database provides intervention descriptions, including the overall project plan, the objectives and target groups, results of the project, the approach and methodology, and available research.

Read ten examples of interventions in the database in the field of participation of older people in English and a description of the intervention on community mediation. You can also download our factsheet on Effectiveness.

Martijn Bool contributed to the ESN publication Evidence in public social services - An overview from practice and applied research
This paper includes two case studies from Denmark and the Netherlands, which serve as the basis for addressing a number of challenges and suggesting possible ways to move forward in generating and applying evidence in public social work.

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