Movisie believes that all people should be able to participate in society, including refugees and other newcomers. In 2015 large groups of refugees came to the Netherlands, and policy and practice were focused primarily on shelter. Now the emphasis is on facilitation of integration through language acquisition, education and employment. Movisie feels it is important to properly equip newcomers for participation. But also to pay attention to the accessibility of provisions and services. And to create support in society for the integration of newcomers.   

Movisie experts have long-term experience with refugee issues in the domains of participation, diversity, inclusion, volunteer effort and emancipation. Our activities include provision of training courses and consultations on societal participation of women with a refugee background, on domestic and sexual violence, safety and resilience of girls and women in asylum seekers centres, child marriages, and ways to address taboo subjects such as homosexuality and forced marriage.

Contributing to the integration of refugees is not just an issue in the Netherlands, but in the whole of Europe. Movisie works with a network of organisations abroad in order to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Platform Integration & Society

Since 2015 Movisie is one of the two partners in the Platform Integration & Society. This knowledge platform conducts research, provides advice and offers practical suggestions and tools regarding integration and diversity issues. This information is shared actively with policy makers in municipalities and in other governmental organisations, with politicians, professionals working in civic society organisations, migrant organisations and entrepreneurs.

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K!X Works

Education and jobs are important conditions for participation. In 2015 Movisie established K!X Works, a project for refugees between 13 and 23 years old, to show them the way in the Dutch education and employment systems. K!X Works also trains young people in employment skills such as communication, presenting and networking. The project is co-funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

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Equipping professionals for supporting LGBT refugees (epsilon)

LGBT migrants and refugees are one of the most vulnerable groups in modern Europe. The project aims to help address this issue by increasing the knowledge, skills and awareness of all those adult professionals who come in contact with them.
The project is co-funded by Erasmus+

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