The Dutch Welfare Policy defines volunteering as ‘work done in any organized context that is carried out without obligation and without pay for other people or the community whereby the person doing the work is not dependent on it for his or her livelihood’. In the Netherlands more than million volunteers are actively involved in society on a daily basis – a considerable number of them in social care and sports activities.

Movisie speaks the language of the voluntary sector. Our knowledge of this sector is second to none. We seek out opportunities for volunteer work and are familiar with trends in communities and at organizational levels. At the same time we are aware of current organizational limitations. We notice the difficulty many organizations have recruiting and retaining new volunteers and know about the problems in the care sector. We are aware that some segments within the population find the barrier to volunteering too daunting.

Our work

Supporting volunteer organisations to play their part
Volunteering is both a means and a goal when working to create a strong society. In our work we emphasize the intrinsic value of volunteer work as a way for individuals and groups to give meaning to their life. At the same time we think volunteer work can be a powerful way to contribute to the solution of important social issues, and a way to help vulnerable citizens to become more resilient. The present economic crisis increases the demand for volunteers to support vulnerable citizens. Movisie wishes to contribute to a productive cooperation between volunteers and professionals in support of vulnerable citizens. One the one hand we support professionals in care and welfare to cooperate well with volunteers. On the other hand we wish to equip volunteer organisations in care and welfare to present themselves and to make clear what they are able to contribute to the social issues that present-day society is confronted with.

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Movisie is an active member of CEV - the European Volunteer Association. CEV is a European network of currently 60, mainly national and regional volunteer centres and volunteer development agencies across Europe that together work to support and promote voluntary activity.

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