WE CAN Young

WE CAN Young is a campaign aimed at enhancing the resilience of boys and girls in the Netherlands concerning sex and relationships. It aims to achieve that boys and girls treat each other with respect and are conscious of boundaries. So what are those boundaries? What is considered experimental and when does it start to cause damage to yourself or the other? WE CAN Young uses six ‘sex rules’ to get a grip on these issues (Flag system. Sensoa and Movisie, 2010).

WE CAN Young is part of the worldwide campaign WE CAN end all violence against women.

In 2015 the final results were published in Dutch. An English summary is also available.


Name organization: Movisie
Name contact person (at Movisie): Charlot Pierik
Project Partners: 15 Dutch Cities 
Funding: Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Project period: 2012 - 2014

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