Attitude of youngsters towards LGBT



A small qualitative research focused on the acceptation of homosexuality in the municipality of Utrecht.
Heterosexual teenagers were interviewed about the way they deal with prejudices, gender roles and homosexuality. The focus in the analysis was on the process of acceptation by the teenagers; what positive factors have an influence and what are the problems?

The aim of this research was twofold:
First: to identify and analyse:

  • Challenges that young people experience in accepting homosexuality;
  • Opportunities for young people in the process of accepting homosexuality, through for example encouraging them to think of solutions for barriers they notice.

Second: to draw up recommendations for the municipality of Utrecht on:

  • How to encourage and strengthen positive inputs in response to the challenges that youngsters experience in accepting homosexuality, to improve the acceptance of homosexuality.
  • The resources and infrastructure needed to address the challenges and multiply the opportunities.


Organization: Movisie
Contact person (at Movisie): Hanneke Felten
Project partners: Youth Works
Funding organisation: Municipality of Utrecht
Project period: 2008