Code of conduct for LGTB youth groups


Sexuality is an important theme for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth organizations. Their activities help young people to develop a sexual identity. In general, this goes very well. Yet, at times problems around behaviour or sexuality occur. The participants may experience jealousy, fall in love or feel rejected. Sometimes they fail to clearly mark their own limits or they may overstep the limits of others. Young teenagers in particular are liable to fall victim to these issues. This is why Movisie has drawn up a code of conduct.

The code is designed to prevent bullying, gossiping, discrimination and sexual harassment. In other words, it encourages a pleasant and open atmosphere within LGBT youth groups.
The code of conduct has been developed for organizations that offer activities for young LGBT people. It can serve as an example to draw up their own code of conduct and complaints procedures.

A code of conduct ensures that everyone in the organization knows how to address certain problems. It guarantees that participants as well as supervisors and board members are protected. This enables the young participants to positively develop their sexuality and relational skills. The code of conduct is a tool to protect them against sexual harassment and sexual abuse. In addition, having a code of conduct adds to your organization’s professionalism.


Name organization: Movisie
Contact person (at Movisie): Hanneke Felten
Project partners: LGBT Youth platform
Funding organization: Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science
Project period: 2008