Combating Youth Homelessness

The aim of the project was to gain in-depth knowledge of the life trajectories of homeless youth and those at risk of homelessness, and to explore the effectiveness of reinsertion programmes in the four participating countries.

The objectives of the CSEYHP project were fourfold:

  1. To understand the life trajectories of different homeless populations in different national contexts
  2. To develop the concepts of risk and social exclusion in relation to the experience of young homeless people and to the reinsertion process
  3. To test how different methods of working contribute to the reinsertion process for young people
  4. To investigate the roles of and relationships between the young person and trusted adults, lead professionals, peer mentors and family members in the delivery of these programmes across all four countries.

More information and all products of this project can be found on this page

Organization: Movisie
Contact person (at Movisie): Thea Meinema
Project partners : London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom, Centre for Research and Studies in Sociologie CIES-ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal, Charles University, Faculty of Humanities, Prague, Czech Republic
Funding organization: Seventh Framework Programme
Project period: 2008 – 2011