Emancipation of men


Women from ethnic minorities indicate that the emancipation of men receives too little attention and that this significantly slows down their own emancipation process. This also has an effect on their children’s social opportunities in the Netherlands. The Emancipation of men project stimulates the participation of men in the emancipation process of their wives, so that together they take responsibility for the choices they make at various stages, for instance regarding education, work, and the position of women in society. One aspect of this project is a training for male immigrants. The focus of the training is on identity, outlook on life, education, empowerment of men, and the promotion of complementary relationships between men and women (couples).
Organization: Movisie
Contact person (at Movisie): Wil Verschoor
Project partners : Vizion,  Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science
Funding Organization:  Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science
Project period: 2008 - 2011