Flying Teams against Violence

Combating Honour Related Violence and Forced Marriages.

‘What does it take to successfully combat honor related violence, forced marriage and/or abandonment?’ This is the question the Flying Team project partners asked many different grass root organizations and NGO’s in Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Despite differences between the social and political context in these countries, the answers were quite similar.

During the first phase of the project Flying Team against Violence each project partner collected information on good practices in the field of combating honor related violence, forced marriages and/or abandonment, from their respective countries. The practices were described on the basis of criteria formulated in advance. The most important criteria were: sufficient knowledge and experience of the team; working from a gender perspective; aiming at awareness and dissemination on a grass root level; (intended) continuity; implementation of the results and finally, existing collaborations with relevant
Each Flying Team-partner described the projects from their countries in a National Report on the situation in their respective countries. (All National Reports are published on the websites of the respective project partners.)
Five of the projects (one from each country) were chosen to be included in the Toolkit of the project, to be presented by the Flying Team on the national meetings in the participating countries.

The recommendations stated by the projectpartners are divided into three categories: for grass roots organizations and NGO’s, for national policy makers, and for policy makers at a European level.

Products as a result of this project are:


Organization: Movisie
Contact person (at Movisie): Hilde Bakker
Project partners: Movisie, Foundation Welsaen and Foundation Kezban (the Netherlands), ALMAeuropa (Sweden), Papatya (Germany), MIGS (Cyprus), Autonomous Women’s Association (Turkey)
Funding organisation: European Union - Daphne III
Project period: 2011 - 2012