Platform Integration & Society

Platform Integration & Society offers research, consultation, practical advice and tools with regard to issues of integration, migration and diversity in the

The programme aims to contribute structurally to a diverse and well-balanced society. Platform Integration & Society selects topics based on its own knowledge and insight next to the need for knowledge expressed by the work field and society in general.  In addition to analysis and research, we position facts within their context and link them to successful practice examples: what works? These ‘best practices’ are presented on in addition to publications, interventions, articles and blogs (in Dutch).


Integration is a broad concept. That is why the programme has been divided into four main themes: new migration, social stability, inclusion & access, and participation. Around these themes we conduct research, we organise debates and we inform the media, professionals, authorities and organisations. The four themes are further divided into various projects. Each year, together with you, we decide what will be the emphasis in our work.

Needs oriented

The programme is guided primarily by questions arising in society. The portal offers access to our own knowledge, knowledge gathered elsewhere and knowledge from the professional field, and it allows for active exchange. If needed, the knowledge platform will highlight issues and discussions. The platform is open to relevant questions, signals and opinions, and formulates responses to capacity. All information will be shared without cost with people who are interested.

Organization: Verwey-Jonker Institute and Movisie
Contact person (at Movisie): Annemarie van Hinsberg
Project partners: Verwey-Jonker Institute
Funding organisation: Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Project period: 2015 - 2018

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