Social inclusion of female immigrants, Duizend en een Kracht (‘One Thousand and One Empowered’)


The Duizend en één Kracht programme has the ambitious goal to enhance the social inclusion of 50,000 female immigrants in the Netherlands by promoting their participation in/through volunteering. Through a coherent set of activities – including language courses, empowerment training, low profile participation, volunteering, and eventually access to labour – female immigrants can gradually strengthen their position in Dutch society. They receive support from a personal voluntary coach during the process.

As an important precondition for success, volunteer organizations and institutions are offered training and counselling to adjust their organizations to the needs and wishes of women from different cultural backgrounds.

Name organization:  Movisie
Name contact person (at Movisie): Annemarie van Hinsberg
Funding organization: Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science
Project period:  2008 - 2011