The T.O.Y.A.C. project


The project targets young adult carers (YAC) with caring responsibilities (towards dependent parents, siblings or other relatives) who. According to statistics, represent around 5% of people aged 18-24. This group is further disadvantaged among an existing vulnerable group of our population (ie carers) because their educational and employment opportunities are often limited by the role they play in the family. Common impacts of 19 caring on this target group are: educational underperformance (due to low attainment and attendance), barriers to paid work (because there is very little ‘spare’ time over and above caring responsibilities to actually go out and find or get a job, or keep it), lack of understanding from peers, restricted friendships, limited opportunities for social and leisure activities, and emotional difficulties. In spite of the significance of this target group, apart from notable exceptions, the majority of European member states have no reliable figures on the number and characteristics of young carers.

In addition, there is a dearth of research on the area and few, if any, policy papers; very few, if any, young carers projects or services; no laws or policies focused specifically on young carers; no ‘rights’ or entitlements. The lack of societal awareness, attention and research on their situation make it difficult for public, private or voluntary organizations to develop suitable strategies and services. The aim of the project is to share experiences between countries that have considerable experience in this issue and countries with less developed experiences. This will offer the opportunity to demonstrate what is possible, capitalise on the work done, build on successful experiences, help in raising awareness and clear the way for the piloting of new services.
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TOYAC conference 8 October 2013 - Utrecht, The Netherlands
TOYAC conference 8 October 2013 - Utrecht, The Netherlands


Name organization: Movisie
Name contact person (at Movisie): Jolanda Elferink
Project Partners: Wir Pflegen – Germany; Azienda di Servizi - Italy; Care Alliance Ireland; Princess Royal Trust for Carers – Scotland, UK; Movisie - Netherlands; Anziani e Non Solo Societa Cooperativa - Italy.
Funding organization: GRUNDTVIG – Lifelong Learning Programme
Project period: August 2012 – July 2014