Factsheet LGBT friendly cities

Cities and local policies play an important role in promoting the social acceptance and safety of lesbian women, gay men, and bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Local policies can use targeted approaches and activities to combat prejudice, discrimination, intimidation and violence against LGBT people. This overview offers suggestions for inclusive local policies to make LGBT people feel supported, safe and resilient in society. Contact: Juul van Hoof.

The Rainbow Cities Network issues a quarterly newsletter. The focus is on initiatives, backgrounds and developments with regard to LGBT policy issues at local or regional level. This newsletter is mainly aimed at policy makers and NGO’s operating on the local level. Do you want to receive the Rainbow Cities Newsletter in your mailbox? Subscribe here.

Authors: Juul van Hoof, Els Meijsen
Publisher: Movisie
Year of publication: 2016
Download: Factsheet LGBT Friendly Cities