Toolkit against violence

Combating Honor Related Violence, Forced Marriages and Abandonment

The Toolkit against violence has been developed by Movisie for organizations that are committed to tackling honour related violence, forced marriages and abandonment. This Toolkit was especially developed for grass roots organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in Europe that are addressing honour related violence, forced marriage and abandonment.

The content is based on practical experiences from sister organizations in Sweden, Germany, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The experiences from the participating organizations were collected and described by the project team of the 'Flying Team against Violence', a collaboration between organizations from the aforementioned countries. Each team member interviewed several grass roots organizations and NGO’s in their respective countries. Good practices were described and an inventory was made of conditions and factors that made these practices successful.


The "Flying Team against Violence", a cooperation project between: Movisie, Foundation Welsaen and Foundation Kezban (the Netherlands),  ALMAeuropa (Sweden), Papatya (Germany), MIGS (Cyprus), Autonomous Women’s Association (Turkey)
Publisher: Movisie
Year of publication: 2012
Download: Toolkit against violence






This toolkit is also available in Dutch, German, Swedish and Turkish. These can be downloaded here