The Value of Silver in Figures

Civic Engagement of Senior Citizens – A Fact sheet

Putting your knowledge, expertise and experience to use, for as long as possible. That is the best way to grow old in good health and with vitality. Society, too, benefits if senior citizens continue to make use of their talents. Municipalities, companies, trade unions, providers of welfare and care, volunteer organisations and associations for the elderly can do much to stimulate the social engagement of citizens to an advanced age. A solid substantiation of policy and activities with facts and figures is indispensable to this. This factsheet, The value of silver, offers that substantiation. It is the result of cooperation between Movisie’s Value of Silver project and the Dutch Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP).

Author: Penninx, K.
Publisher: Movisie
Year of publication: 2009
Download: The value of Silver in Figures